New World for Tomorrow

Commissioning Project

The Project....

The purpose of this project is to commission and support works for solo guitar by local Colorado composers. Foremost, this project is a vehicle to serve composers and their connection with performers and audiences, beginning at the local Colorado stage. These collaborations are vital to cultivating careers in our communities, and to realizing contemporary and relevant expansions of the guitar repertoire. 


The Composers...

A list of the first composers to collaborate in this project. Stayed tuned to the events calendar for premieres and performances of these works. 

Katerina Therianos-Lynch- 'The Immigrant's Song' for electric guitar & tape

Sarah Perske- 'Ascending Purgatario' for solo guitar

Will Brobston- 'Bardo' for solo guitar (forthcoming)

Stephen Bailey- '...for, of, and by Specialists' for electric guitar & electronics

Andrew Whisenand- 'Tetrachromia' piano, percussion, and 18 electric guitars (plus electronic effects)

The Performer...

The project is on-going and therefore composers are welcome to contact me directly about possible collaborations. Please email with proposal information. Funding is on-going, and I am willing to collaborate to find creative solutions so composers are guaranteed to be paid.